Group Project. Context Mapping Skills - TUDelft 2020
Realized with: Chia-Ling Yeh, Paula Hueso Espinosa, Sofia Fonda
Identifying the needs and desires of hospital employees concerning clinical trials, medical devices and
pharma delivery and pick up in Italy and Spain.

FedEx delivers goods to hospitals, making it crucial to provide a high-quality service to these institutions. However, companies producing and selling goods are the only customers of FedEx,  leaving hospitals and people working in this field out of their radar.

We worked to better understand hospital employees' needs and desires and communicate these to FedEx, allowing them to make informed improvements to their delivery service to Italian and Spanish hospitals.

Working in a multicultural team and in lock-down times was challenging. However, we managed to satisfy the client by providing an interactive Journey Map with Insights Cards, to be used by the FedEx innovation team to immerse in the hospital employees' experience.
The final outcome was an interactive Journey
Map inCL which FedEx employees could read
synthesised insights of the research. The
"emotion flow" indicated best and worst
moments in the delivery experience, with
deepened information on popup Cards

“The workshop and the deliverables help get a picture of the context and the people who work in the Italian and Spanish hospitals. You made an amazing job in facing such extreme complexity and challenges, and you succeeded in guiding us through the process.”
Niels, FedEx innovation team

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